Application Reengineering and Web Application Development

Aditech understands your need to leverage newer technology platforms, frameworks, and software products to transform IT systems and applications. We can reengineer your applications to enhance performance, user friendliness, and portability; alleviate licensing and support issues, retire legacy systems and consolidate applications to increase quality of service and reduce total cost of ownership. There is an immense potential for enabling competitive advantage and cost reduction by consolidation, accomplished by reengineering.
Re-Engineering is a process in which old applications are studied, business logic extracted and re-crafted into newer technologies. The re-engineered application will be easy to maintain and use.
  • Application Portfolio Validation
  • Application Documentation
  • Application Business Rule Extraction
  • Application Re-Design, Development and Implementation
  • Re-Engineering is a very involved exercise and it involves tool based analysis, customer interactions, careful re-design, development and implementation.
Some of the benefits that enterprises can reap from our experience are as follows :
  • Proven processes, technology expertise and tools to re-engineer your applications to modern technologies such as .NET, J2EE, UNIX and Linux
  • Rapid action and effective re-engineering on your legacy applications to contemporary platforms with optimized architectures, simultaneously retaining or enhancing the value in the applications
  • Proven expertise in modifying or extracting business logic from legacy systems. We follow a structural approach where we analyze your legacy applications, dig out the business rules, employ the latest tools and development techniques and transform your legacy systems into contemporary applications
  • Greater flexibility to respond quickly to market changes with scalable platforms, reduction in cost spent on out of control legacy systems and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Platform integration
Our services include :
  • Language and user interface reengineering
  • Transaction processing
  • Data porting and data management
  • Functional enhancements
  • Platform integration
  • Performance, implementation and integration management
  • User manuals and other documentation
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