Software Developers Team offers Quality Assurance Services
Aditech Infotech offers combined technical solutions in many areas, the cliche market solutions need high level of reliability and optimal performance.

Quality assurance department was established as step towards improving the service levels offered to our clients.

Development work whether it is done for software or embedded solutions, regardless of the written languages (such as C,C++ or VC++, or PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails) we have observed that the fundamental principles and objectives of testing remain the same.

Thus up on repeated demands from various client Quality Assurance and testing services has become one of main stream offering.

We provide Offshore Testing Center where in you can Outsource your software program testing works, you can hire dedicate staff member to conduct different types of testing.
We provide skills capable of activities such as Automated testing, Penetration Testing, Test Management, Performance Testing. Testing is performed under an specialists or expert supervision, on demanding case special skills can be hired for the project.

We have reviewed different testing procedures and have combined the ideal and practical aspects for our clients. We have adopted the framework as dictated in IEEE standards and progressively evolved the same to form our core testing strategies.
Advantages of Quality Assurance Software Testing :
The most effective way to reduce risk is to start testing early in the development cycle and to test iteratively, with every build. With this approach, defects are removed as the features are implemented. The testing of the application is completed shortly after the final features are coded, and as a result the product is ready for release much earlier.

There are several key advantages gained by testing early and with every build to close the quality gap quickly :
  • Risk is identified and reduced in the primary stages of development instead of in the closing stages.
  • Repairs to problems are less costly
  • The release date can be more accurately predicted throughout the project
  • Results will be given by the way of requirement
  • The product can be shipped sooner
  • The business strategy can be executed more effectively
  • Transparency established
  • Artifacts can be reused for regression testing
  • Not bound to any particular vendor
Developer Testing :
Developer testing denotes the aspects of test design and implementation most appropriate for the team of developers to undertake. In most cases, test execution initially occurs with the developer-testing group who designed and implemented the test, but it is a good practice for the developers to create their tests in such a way so as to make them available to independent testing groups for execution

Independent testing denotes the test design and implementation most appropriately performed by someone who is independent from the team of developers. In most cases, test execution initially occurs with the independent testing group that designed and implemented the test, but the independent testers should create their tests to make them available to the developer testing groups for execution.

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