Organic Search Engine Optimization & SEO Professional Services
Organic Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a web page as per Search Engine Guidelines for better rankings. Currently approx 500 million visitors are coming through search engines. So every site needs good rankings on Search Engines viz. Google ,Yahoo ,MSN etc. for getting the targeted visitors easily. By utilizing professional SEO services, one can achieve best search engine visibility and higher traffic for his web site. Affordable, effective, and Professional SEO services can help your website to:
  • Reach out to 500 million visitors coming through search engines.
  • Rank high on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and get maximum benefit.
  • Maximize your Return of Investment - ROI.
  • Capture a focused and targeted audience efficiently.
Aditech Infotech is an India based affordable SEO firm helping small, medium, and large organizations across the world with unique, customized and expert SEO services that include:
SEO Evaluation and Consulting
At Aditech, we have team of SEO consultants, analyst, and experts who, armed with their experience and industry specific knowledge, will provide you with the tools and information you need to make your web site a true success. What gives us our stand is incorporation of some of the latest technology and techniques to ensure rankings for keywords that help you reach your marketing objectives.

Once a project is handed over to us we start with identification of the keywords for your business. Keywords depend on many factors, such as your budget and your focus. Based on these findings we frame a customized set of specific keywords that truly depicts your business.

Once the keywords are identified, we map out them across your web pages, thereby grouping the terms that support one another and separating those that neutralize each other. After that we optimize the Meta tags, the title tag, and other related tag and edit the text for both robot and human visitors. In this process, we ensure that the structure of a website encourages proper navigation by the search engine robots and maximizes the rank and popularity of a website.

We then incorporate the links to your website. First, we look out for non-reciprocal links that include directory listings, articles, etc. but don't miss out reciprocal links also, because these links give you a long term protection.
Link Popularity Building
Link building is a fantastic way to boost your web site's popularity. As an important component of SEO, link building has the ability to drive targeted traffic to your site and increase awareness of your products and services. Aditech's SEO specialists will ensure that quality, relevant web sites link to your own site, improving your search engine ranking and the success of your Internet marketing strategy.

Reciprocal Link Building is a process of contacting relevant websites and create a link to each other's website. We ensure that we find the most relevant sites and create high quality relevant links with correct anchor text and description. At the end of the project, you will receive a complete report of all the links created. If your site does not already contain a links page, we would create that for you.

Directory Submission is not what you see in the market like 'submit to 1000 search engines for $49'. We manually submit your website to quality directories which are indexed by Google and Yahoo every month. This boosts your websites' link popularity helping in eventual ranking of your site.
Text Link Advertising
Text link advertising is a great way to drive more targeted traffic to your site and maximize SEO. Links from respected and relevant sites will improve your score with search engine spiders and boost your site's overall success. Aditech's SEO team will ensure that your advertising strategy involves only quality links that are sure to bring you great rewards.

Link advertising will increase the amount of relevant traffic going to your web site and will boost your revenues. But that's not all -- text link advertising also does much more.

When quality, relevant web sites link to your own site, your score with search engine algorithms for link relevancy and quality shoot way up. In turn, your search engine ranking will improve significantly. Text link advertising will also increase awareness of your web site, products, and services.
PPC - Pay Per Click Management Services
Pay per Click can be defined as a type of advertising model where the advertiser pays depending on the number of times the published advertisement is clicked upon. In other words, Pay per click search engines and pay per click advertising help website owners achieve better positions on a search results pages.

In Pay per Click advertising a website owner chooses first the keywords that they intend to be displayed when a search is performed and decides how much to pay each time the search results are clicked upon. The more a website owner is willing to pay per click, the higher his site will appear in the results for the chosen keywords. There are hundreds of pay per click search engines and larger the search engine more the bidding price.

Pay per click search engines allows you to list a top search results quickly. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising offers you an excellent way to attract your target audience to your web site. This will allow you to:
  • Generate instant qualified traffic
  • To take advantage over your competitors.
  • Prototype ideas to track demand before you invest into a new business model
  • Quickly gather feedback on market conditions.
  • Split test to a live audience and gather results in real time.
  • PPC Ads will quickly generates online visibility for your websites.
  • PPC produces easy instant results and easy implementation, and you only have to pay when somebody click on your ads with intense to visit your website.
  • Advertisers have full control over keyword selection and about language and location selection.
We have an experience of handling a PPC of more than 5000 keywords at a time in leading PPC providers. So we know how your money should be spent to generate more converting traffic and more business.