Software Testing Services- Comprehensive Conclusions Regarding Software Quality
To provide a customer with comprehensive conclusions regarding software quality Aditech Infotech team performs the following testing activities. Each of them can be executed as an integral part of software development life-cycle or as a separate independent service at planning, development or beta-testing stages.
Test planning :
  • Collecting of requirements, their analysis and specification.
  • Test plan, test scenario, test cases preparation and approval.
  • Automated testing tools appropriateness assessment, tools selection and confirmation.
  • The potential opportunities present in new markets or market segments.
  • The marketing plan.
Test planning is carried out on the basis of IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation (IEEE Std 829-1998) and other industry specifications.
Testing environment and harness preparation :
Test automation framework design and development, test scripts creation. There is a large set of testing equipment, system software, Web middleware. This ensures creation of proper testing environment and essentially decreases the time for testing configurations deployment.
Testing execution :
Manual and automated software testing:
  • Functional
  • Bug and functional regression
  • Load / Performance / Stress
  • Compatibility
  • Usability (GUI)
  • Configuration
  • Localization
  • Documentation
Testing reporting :
Testing reporting, analysis and bug fixing management.

We use the industry recognized bug tracking tools like Mantis, Jira, BugZilla. Online mode allows both parts (the managers and IT specialists on a customer's side as well as BugHuntress testers) to work as a single team and ensures the comprehensive customer's control.
Final reporting and analysis :
Defects analysis and recommendations regarding improvement of the tested software and the process of its development.
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