Time Tracking Software

Are you tired of keeping paper based employee attendance records?

Are you tired of manually tallying your employee timesheets every month?

Time Tracking Software is the solution . . .

Before you spend any more money on your payroll service, take a look at how much money you could save bringing your payroll in-house.
  • Our time tracking software helps you to manage your employee time attendance records without any paper work
  • Our time tracking software allows you to track your employee attendance more accurately and more efficiently
  • Our time tracking software application promise you to give on-demand employee time tracking report
Application Specifications :
User Management
  • Make multiple users per company/branch/department/shift
Company / Branch / Department Management
  • Manage data of multiple companies, branches and departments
Shift Management
  • Create multiple shifts per branch per day
  • Configure late arrival and overtime calculations
  • Manage Lunch and Tea breaks timings
  • System can manage both day and night shifts
Holidays and Leave Management
  • Manage the information of all allowed HOLIDAYS per year
  • Manage Leave Applications given by employees, their approval or rejection status
  • Assign allowed leaves to employees. Unpaid leaves will be deducted from salary
Employee Management
  • Manage all details of each employee per department
  • Assign Shifts so created to employees
  • Manage Employee Transfer / Resignation
  • Search Engine for all data of Employees
Payroll Configuration
  • Manage Allowances and Deductions
  • Employee Salary Generation - Monthly / biweekly / weekly / daily / hourly
  • Maintain required details of Transaction Year
  • Generates TAX Forms. (completely customizable)
Contractor Management
  • Manage Data of Contractor and details of contract signed for getting workers on contract
  • Manages count of number of workers coming daily on work
Machine Configuration
  • Active Monitoring - watch details of employee entering / exiting office directly on your screen
  • Manage multiple machines in one software
Manual Entry of Attendance
  • Manage attendance of employees who are out of office for office work by manual entry
  • Manage employee tour details