Web Content Management System & Web Site Maintenance
You can edit every piece of text or image or content of the front end through Admin Panel.

Keeping the information on your web presence in a compelling, accurate and fresh manner is critical to any organisation's image and success. We are delivering on the promise of content management systems to have non-technical content experts create and update website content and thus keeping them up-to-date. With Aditech, businesses can quickly build effective web sites for Internet, extranet or intranet usage by distributing the responsibilities throughout the organisation.

It is also suitable for any organization and is used for new websites or as an improvement of existing websites. The WebManager thus constitutes for many next generation internet, intranet and extranet websites.

It offers complete features for site development content publication and management. Read the features below and discover its power and usability
Web Manager Admin Panel
Our WebManager is built on our content engine standards, that can retrieve information from various resources (webdatabases, backoffice). Authorisation and search retrieval make sure, the right information is available to the right person. A suite of complementary modules, designed to offer the most common web functionalities, enables us to realize most of your wishes out-of-the-box. Custom software development enables us to deliver a solution that fully complies to your needs.
Front End Website
The front-end website shows real-time dynamic content. By separating content and presentation, any visual layout is possible. This is done using templates with 'placeholders' for content. The design is done by us or possibly by yourself and implemented using CSS of XSL stylesheets.

Navigation and pages can be secured, so only authorized users have access
  • Front End Website :
    Optimal flexibility in website design and functionality
  • WYSIYWG Management :
    Publication through a familiar MS Word environment
  • Manage Metadata :
    Automatic creation of metadata and support for searchengine positioning
  • Link Management :
    Manage hyperlinks and relate content using a powerful link management systeem
  • Open Webstandards :
    Cross-browser support and accessibility by using open web standards: W3C, HTML, XHTML, CSS, ECMA
  • Content Templates :
    Professional templates for presentation and separation of functionality and layout
  • Fulltext Search :
    Advanced searchengine with sorting options and marking of retrieved keywords
  • Architecture :
    Architecture based on ASP.NET, AJAX, PHP or XML. Database support for MSSQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MsAccess
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO/SEM) :
    Built-in facilities for improved positioning in Google, MSN, Yahoo, Altavista
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