Website Maintenance & Website Redesign
As a professional website design / maintenance company we offer quality service that is tailored to meet your needs.
Why you need website maintenance :
  • Stale Website Content or you have changed your company image, either with a new logo design, or slogan.
  • Search engines gives importance to websites where content changes, if left for a few years without any updates your website design will loose position in the ranking . Regular spidering will start to decrease.
  • The search terms that People are using for certain items, are constantly changing. What worked for you last month may not work for you now.
  • Seasonal changes, such as decorating your website for Christmas will keep your customers enthused and interested in your website.
Our Website Maintenance involves :
Keeping your website up-to-date:

Content editing can be accomplished with updated information, such as special offers, product changes, pricing changes, new product and services announcements, employee information changes and all those things that keep your visitors properly informed.

Maintaining & managing your site:

Using newest technologies, we can monitor your site and make changes that improve your site performance for faster download and improved content spread. We insure that new innovative features are implemented from time to time.

Secure & Protect your site:

Server side programming used for form processing, database management, search and display functions, shopping carts etc require regular updation to implement fixes for security holes discovered from time to time. We can manage ASP, PHP and Perl codes for all sorts of applications.

Re-structurte your site contents:

Using your site access statistics like how many visitors your site has, and what they look at while visiting, we can help you re-structure your site contents and navigation elements for increased business.
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